How InfiniteWP Helps MWMedia Manage Multiple WordPress Installs

by | Jul 3, 2014 | Web Design, Web Development, WordPress

One big thing that we really try to do in our office is to streamline repetitive tasks that we have to do so that we have more time to do the fun stuff and have more freedom. Backups, Plugin Updates, Analytics, Theme Updates, and even Managing Users across 20+ or 50+ WordPress sites can take up the better portion of your day and week as your business grows as well as your number of clients. We noticed this early and started to look for a solution to manage many admin logins, users and would help up ideally with backups as well. [Enter InfiniteWP]

After first trying ManageWP (A pay-per domain WordPress website managing solution) we decided that having the ability to have an unlimited number of websites in the InfiniteWP admin panel and the ease of having one-click access to all our websites dashboards was more important to our workflow and have never looked back. We use InfiniteWP daily. (So do some other BIG Names)

So, What is InfiniteWP?

“InfiniteWP is a free, self-hosted multiple WordPress management platform that simplifies your WordPress management tasks into a simple click of a button.” -InfiniteWP

One-Click Wonders of InfiniteWP:

  • Instant Backups of Database and WordPress Site Files (paid add-on allows for backup to DropBox and others)
  • Access to all your WordPress Dashboard without having to remember all your usernames and passwords
  • Write Posts from the InfiniteWP Admin Panel
  • Restore  from Backup

Our Favorite Paid Addons:

(See All Addons)

Essentially, InfiniteWP has saved MWMedia countless hours of time and organization by centralizing the most used tasks for WordPress Developers and Admins. Add in the off-site scheduled cloud backups with a one-click restore feature and the built-in plugin management and even if you opt-out of any paid features – you are still going to save time! InfiniteWP is simply a Must-have!


  1. William Dais

    Nice bumping into you today, Mike. I hadn’t realized what a WordPress expert you are. Some good plug-in referrals on this blog. Keep ’em coming!

    • MWMedia

      Thanks, Bill.


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